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Friday, July 25, 2003

Applying to Journal: A process of torture (like everything else we go through for 3 years)

May 8th was my last final and the next day I picked up the application packet for journal. Law Journal and the Journal on Dispute Resolution had a joint application which consisted of writing a paper on one of two topics with canned research and completing a blue booking exercise. The Criminal Law Journal had its own application which included the same blue booking assignment as the other journals, an application with questions about your interest in criminal law and references and that sort of stuff, and a paper was required, but it didn’t have to be something brand new and unedited, so we all turned in our legal writing briefs. I happened to leave Columbus on May 11th, so I had to complete the entire application during my first week of work. This was very challenging, but I did it. I was far from pleased with the results, and I am not too optimistic about getting on any of the journals. Law journal accepts half of its staff members because they are the top 10% at the end of first year. Not me. JDR accepts half of its staff members because they are the top 2 students in their legal writing class. Again, not me. Crim Law accepts all of its staff members on the basis of their applications, but they only accept approximately 15 students. So, my awful paper on immigration is my only chance at the first two (combined with my odd enthusiasm for blue booking), and my genuine, but undemonstrated interest in criminal law, coupled with a really boring paper on public records is my only chance for crim law journal.

So, anyway, I submitted my application in May (via certified mail, of course), and promptly forced myself to forget about it. I figured my chances were terrible, and they were going to notify us until mid-July anyway. Well, a couple weeks ago a friend emailed me and asked if I had heard anything, and that she was getting anxious. So, then I started getting anxious. Last Sunday, July 20, we all received the following email:

“Dear journal applicants,

We would like to take a moment to update you with regard to the law journal
selection process. All three journals are currently waiting for the final
grades and rankings to be released. Once the law school administration
releases this information, we will contact you with our official decisions
via e-mail. We apologize for the informality, but in order to help with
your summer planning and decision making, we want to provide you with this
information as soon as possible. We will follow our official e-mail
notification with written notification shortly thereafter.

Please keep in mind that orientation for all three journals begins at 9:00
a.m. on Monday, August 11, 2003. Further information with regard to
orientation specifics will follow.

If there are changes in your summer contact information (i.e., mailing
address, phone number, and e-mail address where you can receive
notification), please send them to the all three of the following e-mail
addresses: [removed for the sake of the semi-innocent].
This update is essential for timely notification.

Thank you for your patience in these matters. We are working to notify you
as soon as possible.”

So, that email put in all of our minds that we would be getting an email any day. That was Sunday. Now it’s the following Friday. No word at all. But by waiting for the email all day, every day, it has grown to be this huge deal. Plus I suddenly feel like I can’t plan for anything. I get back to Columbus on August 9th, the Saturday before journal boot camp starts, and just a week before classes start. If I get on journal, then I know how that week will be spent. If I don’t, I need to schedule all kinds of doctors appointments, and a hair cut, and make lunch plans, and do all sorts of stuff during that week. But of course, since they refuse to let us know about journal, I can make no plans. I just want to know already. I don’t think I will even be that disappointed if I don’t make it, but at least I will know. There have been much greater disappointments both in law school and in life lately, so I can handle it. JUST TELL ME!!!
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