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Thursday, July 24, 2003

Okay, this is the inaguaral post to my new blawg. I have tried to do this before, and I've never had the discipline to get beyond one post! Hopefully it will go better this time. Lately I've had so much on my mind that maybe I will be compelled to write. Plus we have wireless web at school, so when classes start, I will have all the time in the world to post...but if any professors ever read this - I promise I'm not doing it in your class.

In 25 days I start my second year of law school at THE Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. I think I am nearly as excited as I was at this time last year. Reasons I am excited/dreading going back:

1. On Campus Interviewing - within days of returning to school, the amazing, wonderful, horrible, ego crushing process of on campus interviewing will begin. I have an entire database created with all of the contact information of the firms I am interested in, random facts about the interviewers, all kinds of useful stuff. I check for updates all day on MonsterTrak. Is this information going to be of any actual use to me? The process at OSU is that the interviews are "Bid/Pre-select/50-50," which means that half of the interview spots are filled based upon the firms preselection, and half are based upon bidding. The impression I get is that the preselect spots will probably all go to the same dozen people who are at the very top of the class. As for the bid spots, there is this ridiculously complicated bidding process where we get different number of bid points to submit for our favorite firms, and as far as I can tell, in the end it is very similar to buying a powerball ticket. So, basically, to get an interview I have to hope that through a totally random process my name gets picked from amongst 245 (minus dropouts) students in our class who will all probably submit for almost every firm. And then if I get any interviews I can start stressing about the actual interview process.

2. Seeing my friends again - Last year I didn't really feel like I had many friends at the law school, although everyone said hello to me, and I occasionally went out with the people in my section. Somehow being away for the summer has me convinced that I have friends, and that I can't wait to see them all again. I think that is a good attitude, because I think it was my shyness that made me feel semi-friendless last year, not a real lack of friends. Also, I had this psycho guy in my life, who after several years I have finally broken away from forever, so he will not be consuming all of my time.

3. Appellate Advocacy - App ad is the class that all OSU law students dread. I am sure that a month from now I will be complaining about it, but right now I can't wait. It seems like the closest thing in law school to pretending to be a "real" lawyer. We write briefs and then we get to do oral arguments. The briefs are supposed to be like 55 pages long, which has me a little scared, but I'm so excited about the oral arguments that I don't care. Everyone who has been through it has assured me that my enthusiasm will quickly fade, so we'll see.

4. New classes - I have always loved registering for classes and have eagerly anticipated starting new classes. There is a promise of something great to come. In undergrad, that promise was always short lived, and I must say second semester of first year was a HUGE disappointment, but still, hope springs eternal. So at this moment I can't wait to meet my new professors and start learning about new areas of law. I'll probably get over it quickly.

5. Not having to work - I worked for four years between undergrad and law school, and I'm working this summer, and I have to say that law school is way more fun that working. It's not that I don't like work itself, but I like to use my mind, and none of the jobs I have had so far has really exercised my brain extensively. For that reason, I hope that when I am actually a practicing attorney, I will like work significantly more. But right now, I would much prefer to read case law than to make photocopies and update databases. And I actually may work during the school year, so I might not be getting out of it entirely. It is just so nice to have control of my own time and to decide for myself how to spend my day to be productive, or not.

Well, I have reached the end of my very first post. Hope that someone out there will eventually read this, but if not, it's still cathartic and therefore worthwhile. |
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