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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

This whole blogging thing is addictive...

I am getting more excited about OCI every day. It's not because I think I'm going to get some great job. I may not get any job offers out of it at all, and if I do, they may not be the kind of work I really want to do anyway. I'm getting excited because I love interviews. I love wearing a suit and having all the right answers and being charming. It's like a fun game or a favorite role in a play. I guess that's a good quality for a lawyer.

I also like the preparation that goes into OCI. I love researching all the firms. I have looked up information about every single person who the cover letters will be addressed to. I have also looked up information about who the actual interviewer will be, if that information is available. I have researched the firms reputation. NALP forms are for beginners...I'm into finding out that the recruiting coordinator also played clarinet in high school.

The worst part is actually updating the resume and cover letter and writing sample. I don't mind doing it; I mind sending it to other people to review. I'm smart enough to know that's the right thing to do, but it is so painful. I think almost all law students are both perfectionists and people who don't take criticism very well, so this is a challenging process. Of course, I get valuable advice, I say thank you, I incorporate it, and I have a better product to send to employers. But it still bugs me that I couldn't do it perfectly myself. Hmm...could that be my greatest weakness? Better thing of something even more benign. |
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