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Sunday, August 31, 2003

I think it is time I linked to Jeremy Blachman. I was sitting here reading his posts from the last two days and I was laughing out loud so often that I considered getting up and closing the window so the neighbors wouldn't hear me. I was too lazy to do that, but I took it as a sign that I consider him funny enough that I should finally put in a link. |
I'm up to six interviews in three days next week, with no more pending. Maybe they will all go so well that I won't have to go to any more interviews. I was so excited before about interviewing, but now I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Next week almost all of the big local firms are interviewing so I think things should slow down after that. I'm also still trying to work out this lunch with a partner at one of the big firms. I was supposed to meet him on Friday, but he had to cancel. It is so hard to reschedule now because things are so busy, but I think I'll rearrange whatever I have to.

Well I'm off to the coffee shop to study. I'm on call next week in admin law, so I better be prepared. Don't want to be embarrassed. I'm leaving class early on Wednesday for an interview, so I'm sure the professor will be sure to call on me plenty before that. I'm also trying to make a good start on my brief for app ad. Yesterday I managed to "formulate the rule" and create point headings, which took me entirely too long. Maybe today I'll actually write something. |

Friday, August 29, 2003

Now that school has started I barely have the energy to post anymore. The first two weeks have been slower than the rest of the semester will be, but I already feel like I'm being crushed to death. I never felt this way last year. I'm not sure what's different. I only have two substantive classes, both of which are okay, so I shouldn't feel so overwhelmed. The clinic takes up a lot of time, but I think it will be pretty good. Especially since the LA I'll be working with is cute. And I'm not having any negative feelings about app ad yet. But still, I feel like I can hardly make it through each day. Everything is going well, but I don't feel right inside for some reason.

OCI update. I have five interviews next week in three days. I guess that's nothing to compared to some people, but I'm in shock. Without grades to put me in the preference group of any employer, I'm pretty pleased. Three of the interviews are the result of firms preselecting me, including the biggest, supposedly stuffiest firm in town. So I'm feeling quite good about OCI, regardless of the end result.

Right now I'm watching Singles on television. It's depressing me. Further. I've seen it before, so I'm sure that I'll feel better by the end of the movie, but right now it's depressing. Kyra Sedgewick's character is describing all of her horrible previous relationships and it is all just so typical. Life is just like the movies. Well, except for the happy ones. Hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up a little more cheerful. |

Monday, August 25, 2003

OCI, here I come... I have three interviews so far. Two I got through bidding and one I was actually preselected for. That makes me feel loved. Or at least a little more worthy. Personally, I'm fine with getting an interview through bid points, but it's more gratifying to have them pick me. It happens that the firm that preselected me is in Cleveland, which is not my first choice, but still awesome. I would definitely go to Cleveland, especially to work for this particular firm, so it's all good. I'm glad things are starting out this way because it gives me hope. I wonder what made them pick me. This is a big firm and it's in Ohio, so I'm sure lots of people submitted resumes. I want to know what set me apart, since I know it wasn't my grades. This was not a firm that required references or a writing sample, so they didn't have anything extra to judge me on. I guess my fabulous-ness showed through. Hopefully there will be more good news, but right now I'm perfectly content.

On another topic, I got my placement for the clinic today. At last. I will be working somewhere that should be interesting and that shouldn't force me to hide my personal beliefs too much. Tomorrow I go meet with someone in the office to try to work out my schedule there and get generally oriented. I'm looking forward to it. I think. Except now I won't have every afternoon free.

For appellate advocacy we got our adjunct assignments and found out which side of the case we are on. Or at least most people who looked at the assignment board found out which side they're on. Apparently I learned nothing during the first year, because I looked at the list and merely discovered that I will be representing the respondent. Too bad I don't know who the respondent is in the case. And I can't exactly ask the professor and prove I'm an idiot before I even turn in the first assignment. |

Friday, August 22, 2003

One week down. 59 more until graduation. I don't really mean that, but at the moment that's how I feel. I have absolutely nothing against law school, but at the moment I just feel so drained. I have essentially no work to do, although that will change shortly I'm sure, so I don't know what I'm whining about. Maybe it's not school at all. Maybe it's my personal life or I'm sick or something else entirely, but I don't feel right. I just want to sleep for a few weeks and start over. I actually feel really positive about my classes, journal, the job search, my many part time jobs, everything basically. But something is missing. I would really like to figure out what it is and fix it. But not now. I'm going to bed. |

Thursday, August 21, 2003

I am so tired. I can hardly keep my eyes open. So, like the smart law student I am, I will go to bed momentarily. This first week, which is not over yet, has been exhausting, and not even for any good reason. I have yet to start my clinic. I have done no work for either professor I'm working for. I spent like half an hour on journal. And yet I'm exhausted. I think it's from having to be "on." I had gotten so used to being normal this summer and now I have to be in law school mode again. And it's even worse this year. Increased security and confidence doesn't mean less pressure. I need a nap! And the idiot that I am, I scheduled an 8am doctor's appointment for tomorrow. I could have done it in the afternoon, but, no, I decide I should get it taken care of before class. Am I stupid?

Anyway. I have submitted my first dozen resumes or so for OCI. It is so complicated to send all the information through MonsterTrak. I'm so grateful that I have spent the past month or so preparing. If I was just dealing with all of this for the first time, as many of my friends are, I would be freaking out. Just adequately updating a resume takes some work, and all the other stuff is much worse. I've spent weeks editing my writing sample (which I recognize will never be read) and I've written my wonderfully personalized cover letters and politely asked for references and all that. And I still feel overwhelmed.

Am I actually taking classes? There's so much on my mind other than classes that I almost feel like they don't exist. Probably not a good thing. |

Monday, August 18, 2003

The first day of school is officially over. It was a weird day. I had class from 8:40-9:50am and then again from 4:00-6:00pm. It was strange to have a six hour break. First I went to Starbucks and did the last couple things I needed to finish up on my journal assignment. Then I decided to recalculate my GPA based on my summer grades (more about that in a minute), but factoring in just 5 credits of 2L credit made my GPA so whacked that I had to go back to the law school and ask the registrar if I was crazy. After lunch, rather than accomplishing anything, I spent the whole afternoon in the journal suite. I actually got a little done on my writing sample, but didn't do any of the reading I needed to do. Finally it was time for my clinic, and then I got to go home. Once the clinic starts hopefully my schedule will feel a little more normal.

This morning I went to meet with one of my professors who I'm doing work for. Before I gave him the memo that I have been working like crazy to get done, he gave me my grades for the summer. Happiness! Very, very good news. One of them was so good that he didn't even write any criticisms on my paper except to capitalize Democrat and Republican (I never knew...) and like one other tiny thing. It made me feel so good. He wrote on it that it looked like a professional advocacy piece. Hurray! It feels like recently everything in my life has turned around and now everything is good. What's going on? I don't recognize this happiness feeling...

More importantly than school itself... I've got to work on finding cute boys at law school. Turns out the cutest one I had met is gay. Like that's never happened before. There's still the 1L; we'll see if that situation develops. Tomorrow is the reception at Bricker, and all guys look better in suits, so maybe it will be a good evening. A nice law school boy would make law school way more fun. |

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Two days until classes start. I am so excited to find out who's in my classes and what my professors are like. I have this terrible character trait where I only learn from professors who I like and respect. I don't have to think they're a great person or want to hang out with them, but I have to think that they care about teaching and that they really know their subject. This is not a good quality in a law student, or any student for that matter. I remember 10th grade humanities...I hated the history teacher and it showed on my tests. Since then I have never done well with a professor I didn't like. And it drives me crazy when we are all talking about a professor after class and how he should not be allowed to teach he is so bad and my friends say, "But he seems like such a nice person..." I'm so happy for his family, but not for his students. Anyway, I am optimistic about all of my professors, so I shouldn't get myself all worked up. I have two of the new professors, one who I had before and will therefore be careful what I say (!), and appellate advocacy. I totally don't get how appellate advocacy even works. I have this sensation that no one else does either and they are just pretending that they do.

My journal work is about 95% done. As it has been since Thursday. I looked up all the books and law review articles that are located at the law library and found lots of errors, so I'm glad I took the time to do that. The only thing left is to look up the books that are not located at the law library. Since we don't have to go very far on this assigment, I doubt I will actually go to other libraries to look at them, but I'll see what I can check online. Every time I think about it (or talk to other friends), I continue to be very happy with my choice to join the Crim Jo (that's what they call it; I'm cool now). I found out that 3 other people turned down Law Journal for Crim Jo, which I think is very cool. In addition, I know other people who turned down JDR, but I don't know how many. We are not the journal of last resort as popular opinion would lead people to believe.

Report on the 1L boys: Should that read "guys" or "men"? Probably not. Definitely some potential, but nothing too exciting. I was able to track down the previously mentioned 1L who did in fact remember me. He also lives in the building directly across from mine. Is this a sign? He also was sitting outside with another very cute 1L. I feel this is going to be a good year...

I'm back in law school social mentality already. Tonight there's a party that I'm not going to go to because my friend isn't going and I don't think the people holding it really like me. I was invited, but I think it was just to be polite. Not that law school people are all that polite. I'm sure I'm being an idiot, but that doesn't give me any more confidence. Maybe by tonight I'll change my mind. I'm actually about to go into school to pick up some stuff, so maybe I'll run into the party hosts in the hall and I'll try to sense if I'm really invited or fake invited. I am such an idiot, I know. |

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Day 3 barely counted as orientation. We had to be at school at 11:30am. First, we listened to one of the professors talk about note writing options and the the Lexis woman gave us pizza and reminded us how to look stuff up. And that was it, at 12:45pm.

When we were done, my friend and I decided to take a walk down to the library to see who was around. There were surprisingly few people there, but the ones who were did not look too happy. The Journal people were sitting at desks surrounded by dozens of books. I turned to my friend and said, "What are those books for?" The JDR people didn't appear much happier.

So far I have gone through my article one time looking for bluebooking errors, and then I looked each footnote up online to see if there are any really obvious errors that I should be sure to fix by looking at the hard copy. Tomorrow I will go to the library and actually look at books. This is such an odd concept after a year of relying on Lexis and Westlaw. I have found so many errors in the article already that it makes me doubt if it has already been checked like they say. I'm thinking maybe they have actually edited it already, but the copy they gave us is unedited so that we will be sure to find errors and not feel inadequate. It's not too stressful of an assignment, but I'm definitely taking it seriously, especially since there are so many errors.

After my friend and I surveyed the library we headed for the display with the pictures of all the new 1L's. We roll our eyes when the guys say they are going to check out the 1L girls, but that was entirely our intention. There are definitely some good looking 1L's. And that's just based on the awful pictures they sent in. Most interesting to me is that there is a guy I knew briefly in undergrad. He went to school with me for a year and then transferred to UCLA and that was the last I heard of him. He was so cute back then... He was a year behind me then too, and when he showed up the first day I acted as his welcoming committee. I would be happy to offer him my services again... So tomorrow I will be sure to get to school nice and early while the 1L's are having their continental breakfast before their orientation starts. What should I wear??


Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Day 2 of journal orientation continued to be good. I am so glad that I chose the crim law journal. The other people are already getting attitudes. Law students are arrogant enough to start with; they don't need anything else to boost their ego. The big firms are coming in to talk to the Law Journal people and give them breakfast and lunch. They're feeling the love I guess. In no way do I feel like I am part of something any less important and I wish they could respect that, but it's not worth it to care.

Today we had a lecture by the library ladies. They explained to us how to request books from other libraries and they threatened us with fines and told us not to leave anything in the carrels. It was highly interesting.

Then Professor Berman came in and talked to us about how wonderful the Blue Book is. The funniest part was that in the middle he was trying to tell us how he knows all these little details by heart and when he wrote his example on the board he got the name of the law review wrong. It's always nice to see a professor be less than perfect.

We got our first assignment today. We have about 45 footnotes to check. It's not a regular assignment though, so it's not too stressful. The first volume comes out in September, so they want us to basically proofread the articles one last time. When we're done we turn it in and it's a competition between the teams. So I will defintely try to do a good job, but it hasn't turned out to be the most awful week ever like everyone predicted. So far I'm happy with journal. |

Monday, August 11, 2003

Day 1 of journal orientation went fine. Not too stressful, friendly people, quite good overall. We are on teams, for the whole year I think, and I like the other people on my team, so that's good. I haven't met our team leader yet, but all the crim law people seem pretty nice, so I'm not worried. We had to do a little assignment at the end of the day and the hardest part was using the library! I never studied in the library last year so I only had a few faint memories of legal research class to draw on. But we made it through. I'm guessing this was the easiest day we'll ever have, so I'm trying to appreciate it. We even got fed twice today.

Tomorrow is more of the same. Then Wednesday is a short day with Lexis training and information about writing student notes. Thursday is devoted to us working on our assignment, and we have Friday off. So it looks to be a pleasant week, considering.

I just got one of my assignments for next week. Somehow I managed to forget how much reading law school entails. I'm impressed that the school is posting assignment online though. Now if the rest of my professors would just post their assignments I could get started. I guess it wouldn't kill me to ease into school a little. |

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Only $260 for textbooks! I must live in some sort of alternate universe to be happy about that. I still have to buy duplicated materials, but I am so happy not to have to spend much more. Last year first semester my books were almost $600. I can't wait for classes to actually start so I can see what the professors are like and who I have classes with.

Tomorrow morning, 9:00am, journal orientation starts. I'm nervous. I hope that the assignments aren't too hard and I don't end up embarrassing myself. I'm meeting a friend at 8:45 so that we can walk in together. We're so silly. I hope that I like the people who are on the crim law journal. I guess by this time tomorrow I'll know... |

Saturday, August 09, 2003

In 17 hours I will be home.

I will be glad to get out of this unfriendly place, but I'm dreading it too. I have never been anywhere (city or apartment) where I have felt so unwelcome. It will be nice to be back in my own apartment that I don't have to share with anyone else, and it will be nice to be back in Columbus where people don't shove you at Starbucks. I am also scared to go home. My life is so different from what it was in May. I will be all alone.

I just have to get through the weekend and show up for journal orientation Monday morning and everything will be okay. Then the busyness can take over. Law school will be my salvation yet. |

Friday, August 08, 2003

Jealousy is stupid. It drives me crazy that people in law school can't be happy for each other's successes.

I had a friend last year who got a summer job at one of the big firms in Columbus, but she didn't want to tell anyone. When I finally found out where she would be working I couldn't believe that she was so hesitant to tell people. But then I started hearing people talking about her and questioning why she got the job and just generally acting jealous and obnoxious. Sure, I wish I could have worked there, but it never crossed my mind to be jealous. I was just happy for her and glad that someone who was a good person was going to have a great opportunity. Watching people's reaction to her taught me something about law students. Okay, it just reconfirmed it. But jealousy still shocks me.

Now I have another friend who is a very atypical law student, which is precisely why she is my friend. She is genuinely happy when other people succeed. And she realizes that their success in no way takes away from her personal worth or ability. With her, I feel free to enjoy the good moments and complain about the bad. What a relief to not have to be fake with 100% of the people at law school. Too bad she's in the minority.

So what brought this all about is that things have been going pretty well for me lately, and I can sense that some of my friends are not too happy for me. And the funny thing is, it's not like anything that big has happened for anyone to be jealous about. Getting onto the journals was the big deal, but personally I think that just kind of evens out how bad my grades were second semester. I don't have some high paying job lined up for next summer. I don't have good enough grades to be confident of getting interviews during OCI. I don't have a lot of things that I think would make my life happier and easier (like a loving boyfriend). But what I have at last is a good attitude. I'm working on my writing sample and editing and re-editing my resume. I'm contacting everyone I know about job opportunities. I'm taking steps to position myself as well as I can. So, I guess I will keep doing what I'm doing and not worry about other people. Why can't people just be normal though? |

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Okay, let me think about this a minute... Should I put my class ranking on my resume? Hmmm.... Should I? Does it look bad if I don't? What should I do....? How about, ABSOLUTELY NOT! Well that's taken care of.

Now, if I could just get my summer grades. They should be guaranteed to bring my GPA up. I'm assuming they don't officially affect class rank until next year. So, all the more reason to use GPA only, and not rank. I wonder if people who took earlier summer classes get to factor in those grades for rankings. I'm guessing not.

I'm remarkably calm about the disappointment of rankings. I'm so glad I didn't go straight to law school from undergrad. At 21, I would have taken all this stuff way more seriously. I knew I was in a good mindset when all the other 1L's lined up last February to get grades on a Friday afternoon and I left to get a haircut. So, I just have to remember to keep things in perspective and trust that things will work out for the best.

And I got on all 3 journals! |

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I want to go home... I have two days of work left after today and it feels like an eternity. Then Saturday afternoon I fly into Port Columbus. It's a good thing I didn't bring my car, or I would probably pack my stuff up and drive home right this second. I have just had enough. I don't even know what I'm so eager to get home to, but it will be nice to at least be able to drive again, or listen to music, or go to a real grocery store, or watch cable.

I feel like this is going to be a really good year, so I'm eager for it to start. The summer has been not so good, so I want it to officially end. I think this is going to be the best year of my life. Maybe I'm setting my expectations a little too high. But for a natural pessimist, this is a good sign.

I feel like I finally have friends at law school, so I will have people to go out with when I get back. Last year I was wary, and rightly so, of most law students. Toward the end of the year, and definitely over the summer, I found a handful of people who seem relatively genuine and fun, and I'm looking forward to hanging out with all of them when I get home. There's my (gay) date for margaritas. There's my (non-gay) man-hunting partner in crime. There's the infinitely cool crim law crowd. And outside of law school, there's my little sister who has suddenly decided to start talking to me, which is strange, but a good thing.

I loved law school last year, and I think it is going to be even better this year. When everything else feels like it's going wrong, there's always law school to raise my spirits... Is that a problem? I am eager to take classes that I actually chose myself, and that have significantly cheaper books than last year. For the first few weeks I'm sure the novelty of journal will entertain me, before it bores me to death. And I soooo can't wait for App Ad. Why do I have to wait? |

Tuesday, August 05, 2003


Under certain circumstances I have decided that networking is actually quite fun. And I don't just mean cocktail parties at firms. Although those are fun. I mean making contacts through friends of friends the old fashioned way. Nothing sleazy, no begging, just networking. I don't quite understand why my friends appear to hate it so much. I'm as nervous as anyone else, probably even moreso, walking into a party where I don't know anyone. I don't know how to strike up a conversation with a handsome stranger at a bar. But this is different. This is business. As soon as I'm out of the social arena, it's easy to sell myself.

For example, last fall I wanted to learn more about a specific area of law and possibly getting a joint degree. Career services was friendly, but not much help. So I started meeting with professors to ask their advice, and I always left with a name or two to call or email. Which I did. And those new contacts would provide other names, who I would contact as well. I set up informational interviews, just like they talk about in the career books! And they were fun, and informational. I looked at the mentor directory on MonsterTrak and contacted several people. Every single one emailed me back, often with lots of information and resources. One person even forwarded my email to the Senate Finance Committee to see if they had any jobs. (I didn't ask for a job, didn't include a resume, and didn't express any interest in finance, but that's okay!) I haven't met any other students who have taken advantage of this resource. Are they nuts? Doing these things was simple. And un-scary, because I could use email. Technology is such a blessing for shy people. So now, I have lots of cover letters to write before OCI starts, and I can begin several of them with, "When we talked last fall..." So this is why I have become my friends' resource for career advice. Weird.

What sparked these thoughts was that yesterday while randomly looking stuff up online I decided to look at the alumni page for my college. Over homecoming weekend they are having a dinner at which they will be honoring a friend of mine who has been quite successful in the past few years. I thought it would be cool to see her, so I debated attending. Then I saw that the contact person is someone who also graduated the same year that I did and who was friends with my roommate. And is an attorney at one of the big Columbus firms (although the alumni site just said he was a lawyer). So clever me, I emailed him asking for more information about homecoming. And then, right at the end of the email, I asked him for any advice on the job search process as a law student. So he wrote back telling me how great his firm is and telling me to definitely apply there and asking me what areas of law I'm interested in. So I wrote back and told him, and he promptly replied with several names of people who I have to contact. I'm sure my motives were transparent, but it was still friendly and comfortable. This is how the world works, and all I have to do in return is go to an alumni dinner that will probably be mildly entertaining anyway. I can do this. |

Monday, August 04, 2003

I have four more days of work left, and now I have work to do. The biggest assignment I have actually consists of fixing work done by other people. My small non-profit organization was the beneficiary of pro-bono work by a big law firm. The firm had two summer associates from prestigious schools who we were lucky enough to be able to use this summer. We had them write two memos. Both were awful. One of them wasn't very good, but also isn't a pressing matter, so I'm supposed to write up a little addendum with the relevant information. The other memo was slightly better, but still completely useless. All the summer associate did was summarize the law. We wanted her to apply it. And she spent six weeks not applying the law. The memo was full of nice little charts; all of which were directly copied from other documents. The only excuse I can come up with for these two summer associates is that maybe since we were a pro-bono project, they weren't given enough time to focus on their assignments for us. But since we met with them six weeks before they gave us the memos, I have a hard time accepting that excuse. Maybe they were just too busy enjoying the waterfront view out their window. So now I get to fix in two weeks what they couldn't do in six. I'm not worried though. I just wish we hadn't wasted time giving them the assignments in the first place, so I could have had more to do all summer.

Now I'm heading home from work to do work at Starbucks. I love Starbucks. Starbucks makes me happy. So does Caribou. If I have a grande non fat with whip mocha, I can do anything. Last year I almost enjoyed studying because I love my mochas so much. My only worry this year is that my sociopathic ex (not an exaggeration) may have usurped my favorite coffee shop while I was gone for the summer. I need to come up with a plan to deal with that problem. Because I absolutely cannot study at home. Instead I clean. Or I exercise. Or I re-alphabetize my books. Or I do all kinds of other random things. So I need my coffee shop. My future depends on it. |

Sunday, August 03, 2003

I'm going to have a total of one day off when I get back to Columbus, so I went to the beach this weekend for a mini-vacation. It was so nice. Except I am moderately burnt, which is not so nice. I played in the sand with my cousins and went into icy cold water up to about my knees. I ate pizza and ice cream on the boardwalk. I bought really expensive sunglasses. It felt very much like a real vacation.

The second half of my vacation will occur when I get back to Columbus. I am determined to find time (and money) to go to a spa to get a manicure and pedicure. My justification for this is that I can't go to receptions and interviews with ugly nails. They say that's the sort of thing They notice. This is a difficult concept for a girl who has never had a manicure and can't paint her own nails without spending at least twice as long removing the polish from her fingers as putting it on her nails. But in the name of professionalism and relaxation, I will go to a spa. Obviously I can't blame the pedicure on professional concerns, but you know...

I got some advice not to drop the clinic from a very wise, but younger, student. So, that combined with other students telling me it's an easy A, may be enough to convince me to stick with it. Plus it could be a semester long networking opportunity. Or a chance to meet cute, young, wanna be politicians. I'm still debating, but mostly because I like to put myself through inner turmoil before reaching any conclusion, even when I know perfectly well what I'm going to do. |

Friday, August 01, 2003

As I mentioned yesterday, the magnitude of the responsibilities I have taken on for fall semester is beginning to hit me. So I'm half way considering dropping my clinic. However, it's 4 credit hours, so I will probably have to take two more classes in its place. That's where this gets tricky. As much as I love the law in an abstract sense, when I actually look at what classes are available that love kind of shrinks a bit. The classes I'm considering are: Legal Professions, Accounting for Lawyers, and Civil Procedure II. There are serious problems with all of those courses.

Legal professions is taught by an adjunct or someone outside the law school or something like that. I have heard bad things about such situations. Nothing about this particular professor, but still. However, it would be nice to get that silly professionalism course out of the way. It's only 2 hours though, so I would definitely have to take it in conjunction with something else.

Accounting for lawyers is taught by a professor whom students seem to be fairly fond of. However, he's taking on some sort of deanship this year and I have heard that can interfere with teaching anywhere from a little to quite a lot. That might be a slightly silly thing to worry about. The bigger problem is that although I've never taken an accounting class, I have done some finance work in the real world, so I'm familiar with balance sheets and bad debt write offs and I can add. I've been told by another professor that with any experience this class is kind of useless. But that also might mean it's easy...

Civil Procedure is the real dilemma. I hated Civ Pro I, but I figured I should still take Civ Pro II because it was the right thing to do. I really wanted to take it in the spring because I had the professor last year and he was great. But I got closed out. So I took that as a sign. A sign not to ever take civil procedure again. Should I give in to the recommended courses pressure???

Or should I stick it out with the clinic? I'm probably just being a baby about all of this. Okay, can I admit that one of my biggest issues with the clinic is that one of the class meetings the first week of school is going to conflict with the SZD happy hour for 2L's? I love those kind of events!

Maybe I'll just wait until school starts and see if anything else has opened up, see what I'm actually going to be doing for the clinic, and decide then. I wonder if everyone else obsesses this much, or if they are all just calmly enjoying their summer. |