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Friday, August 01, 2003

As I mentioned yesterday, the magnitude of the responsibilities I have taken on for fall semester is beginning to hit me. So I'm half way considering dropping my clinic. However, it's 4 credit hours, so I will probably have to take two more classes in its place. That's where this gets tricky. As much as I love the law in an abstract sense, when I actually look at what classes are available that love kind of shrinks a bit. The classes I'm considering are: Legal Professions, Accounting for Lawyers, and Civil Procedure II. There are serious problems with all of those courses.

Legal professions is taught by an adjunct or someone outside the law school or something like that. I have heard bad things about such situations. Nothing about this particular professor, but still. However, it would be nice to get that silly professionalism course out of the way. It's only 2 hours though, so I would definitely have to take it in conjunction with something else.

Accounting for lawyers is taught by a professor whom students seem to be fairly fond of. However, he's taking on some sort of deanship this year and I have heard that can interfere with teaching anywhere from a little to quite a lot. That might be a slightly silly thing to worry about. The bigger problem is that although I've never taken an accounting class, I have done some finance work in the real world, so I'm familiar with balance sheets and bad debt write offs and I can add. I've been told by another professor that with any experience this class is kind of useless. But that also might mean it's easy...

Civil Procedure is the real dilemma. I hated Civ Pro I, but I figured I should still take Civ Pro II because it was the right thing to do. I really wanted to take it in the spring because I had the professor last year and he was great. But I got closed out. So I took that as a sign. A sign not to ever take civil procedure again. Should I give in to the recommended courses pressure???

Or should I stick it out with the clinic? I'm probably just being a baby about all of this. Okay, can I admit that one of my biggest issues with the clinic is that one of the class meetings the first week of school is going to conflict with the SZD happy hour for 2L's? I love those kind of events!

Maybe I'll just wait until school starts and see if anything else has opened up, see what I'm actually going to be doing for the clinic, and decide then. I wonder if everyone else obsesses this much, or if they are all just calmly enjoying their summer. |
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