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Monday, August 11, 2003

Day 1 of journal orientation went fine. Not too stressful, friendly people, quite good overall. We are on teams, for the whole year I think, and I like the other people on my team, so that's good. I haven't met our team leader yet, but all the crim law people seem pretty nice, so I'm not worried. We had to do a little assignment at the end of the day and the hardest part was using the library! I never studied in the library last year so I only had a few faint memories of legal research class to draw on. But we made it through. I'm guessing this was the easiest day we'll ever have, so I'm trying to appreciate it. We even got fed twice today.

Tomorrow is more of the same. Then Wednesday is a short day with Lexis training and information about writing student notes. Thursday is devoted to us working on our assignment, and we have Friday off. So it looks to be a pleasant week, considering.

I just got one of my assignments for next week. Somehow I managed to forget how much reading law school entails. I'm impressed that the school is posting assignment online though. Now if the rest of my professors would just post their assignments I could get started. I guess it wouldn't kill me to ease into school a little. |
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