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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Day 3 barely counted as orientation. We had to be at school at 11:30am. First, we listened to one of the professors talk about note writing options and the the Lexis woman gave us pizza and reminded us how to look stuff up. And that was it, at 12:45pm.

When we were done, my friend and I decided to take a walk down to the library to see who was around. There were surprisingly few people there, but the ones who were did not look too happy. The Journal people were sitting at desks surrounded by dozens of books. I turned to my friend and said, "What are those books for?" The JDR people didn't appear much happier.

So far I have gone through my article one time looking for bluebooking errors, and then I looked each footnote up online to see if there are any really obvious errors that I should be sure to fix by looking at the hard copy. Tomorrow I will go to the library and actually look at books. This is such an odd concept after a year of relying on Lexis and Westlaw. I have found so many errors in the article already that it makes me doubt if it has already been checked like they say. I'm thinking maybe they have actually edited it already, but the copy they gave us is unedited so that we will be sure to find errors and not feel inadequate. It's not too stressful of an assignment, but I'm definitely taking it seriously, especially since there are so many errors.

After my friend and I surveyed the library we headed for the display with the pictures of all the new 1L's. We roll our eyes when the guys say they are going to check out the 1L girls, but that was entirely our intention. There are definitely some good looking 1L's. And that's just based on the awful pictures they sent in. Most interesting to me is that there is a guy I knew briefly in undergrad. He went to school with me for a year and then transferred to UCLA and that was the last I heard of him. He was so cute back then... He was a year behind me then too, and when he showed up the first day I acted as his welcoming committee. I would be happy to offer him my services again... So tomorrow I will be sure to get to school nice and early while the 1L's are having their continental breakfast before their orientation starts. What should I wear??

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