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Monday, August 18, 2003

The first day of school is officially over. It was a weird day. I had class from 8:40-9:50am and then again from 4:00-6:00pm. It was strange to have a six hour break. First I went to Starbucks and did the last couple things I needed to finish up on my journal assignment. Then I decided to recalculate my GPA based on my summer grades (more about that in a minute), but factoring in just 5 credits of 2L credit made my GPA so whacked that I had to go back to the law school and ask the registrar if I was crazy. After lunch, rather than accomplishing anything, I spent the whole afternoon in the journal suite. I actually got a little done on my writing sample, but didn't do any of the reading I needed to do. Finally it was time for my clinic, and then I got to go home. Once the clinic starts hopefully my schedule will feel a little more normal.

This morning I went to meet with one of my professors who I'm doing work for. Before I gave him the memo that I have been working like crazy to get done, he gave me my grades for the summer. Happiness! Very, very good news. One of them was so good that he didn't even write any criticisms on my paper except to capitalize Democrat and Republican (I never knew...) and like one other tiny thing. It made me feel so good. He wrote on it that it looked like a professional advocacy piece. Hurray! It feels like recently everything in my life has turned around and now everything is good. What's going on? I don't recognize this happiness feeling...

More importantly than school itself... I've got to work on finding cute boys at law school. Turns out the cutest one I had met is gay. Like that's never happened before. There's still the 1L; we'll see if that situation develops. Tomorrow is the reception at Bricker, and all guys look better in suits, so maybe it will be a good evening. A nice law school boy would make law school way more fun. |
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