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Thursday, August 21, 2003

I am so tired. I can hardly keep my eyes open. So, like the smart law student I am, I will go to bed momentarily. This first week, which is not over yet, has been exhausting, and not even for any good reason. I have yet to start my clinic. I have done no work for either professor I'm working for. I spent like half an hour on journal. And yet I'm exhausted. I think it's from having to be "on." I had gotten so used to being normal this summer and now I have to be in law school mode again. And it's even worse this year. Increased security and confidence doesn't mean less pressure. I need a nap! And the idiot that I am, I scheduled an 8am doctor's appointment for tomorrow. I could have done it in the afternoon, but, no, I decide I should get it taken care of before class. Am I stupid?

Anyway. I have submitted my first dozen resumes or so for OCI. It is so complicated to send all the information through MonsterTrak. I'm so grateful that I have spent the past month or so preparing. If I was just dealing with all of this for the first time, as many of my friends are, I would be freaking out. Just adequately updating a resume takes some work, and all the other stuff is much worse. I've spent weeks editing my writing sample (which I recognize will never be read) and I've written my wonderfully personalized cover letters and politely asked for references and all that. And I still feel overwhelmed.

Am I actually taking classes? There's so much on my mind other than classes that I almost feel like they don't exist. Probably not a good thing. |
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