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Sunday, August 03, 2003

I'm going to have a total of one day off when I get back to Columbus, so I went to the beach this weekend for a mini-vacation. It was so nice. Except I am moderately burnt, which is not so nice. I played in the sand with my cousins and went into icy cold water up to about my knees. I ate pizza and ice cream on the boardwalk. I bought really expensive sunglasses. It felt very much like a real vacation.

The second half of my vacation will occur when I get back to Columbus. I am determined to find time (and money) to go to a spa to get a manicure and pedicure. My justification for this is that I can't go to receptions and interviews with ugly nails. They say that's the sort of thing They notice. This is a difficult concept for a girl who has never had a manicure and can't paint her own nails without spending at least twice as long removing the polish from her fingers as putting it on her nails. But in the name of professionalism and relaxation, I will go to a spa. Obviously I can't blame the pedicure on professional concerns, but you know...

I got some advice not to drop the clinic from a very wise, but younger, student. So, that combined with other students telling me it's an easy A, may be enough to convince me to stick with it. Plus it could be a semester long networking opportunity. Or a chance to meet cute, young, wanna be politicians. I'm still debating, but mostly because I like to put myself through inner turmoil before reaching any conclusion, even when I know perfectly well what I'm going to do. |
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