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Sunday, August 31, 2003

I'm up to six interviews in three days next week, with no more pending. Maybe they will all go so well that I won't have to go to any more interviews. I was so excited before about interviewing, but now I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Next week almost all of the big local firms are interviewing so I think things should slow down after that. I'm also still trying to work out this lunch with a partner at one of the big firms. I was supposed to meet him on Friday, but he had to cancel. It is so hard to reschedule now because things are so busy, but I think I'll rearrange whatever I have to.

Well I'm off to the coffee shop to study. I'm on call next week in admin law, so I better be prepared. Don't want to be embarrassed. I'm leaving class early on Wednesday for an interview, so I'm sure the professor will be sure to call on me plenty before that. I'm also trying to make a good start on my brief for app ad. Yesterday I managed to "formulate the rule" and create point headings, which took me entirely too long. Maybe today I'll actually write something. |
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