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Friday, August 08, 2003

Jealousy is stupid. It drives me crazy that people in law school can't be happy for each other's successes.

I had a friend last year who got a summer job at one of the big firms in Columbus, but she didn't want to tell anyone. When I finally found out where she would be working I couldn't believe that she was so hesitant to tell people. But then I started hearing people talking about her and questioning why she got the job and just generally acting jealous and obnoxious. Sure, I wish I could have worked there, but it never crossed my mind to be jealous. I was just happy for her and glad that someone who was a good person was going to have a great opportunity. Watching people's reaction to her taught me something about law students. Okay, it just reconfirmed it. But jealousy still shocks me.

Now I have another friend who is a very atypical law student, which is precisely why she is my friend. She is genuinely happy when other people succeed. And she realizes that their success in no way takes away from her personal worth or ability. With her, I feel free to enjoy the good moments and complain about the bad. What a relief to not have to be fake with 100% of the people at law school. Too bad she's in the minority.

So what brought this all about is that things have been going pretty well for me lately, and I can sense that some of my friends are not too happy for me. And the funny thing is, it's not like anything that big has happened for anyone to be jealous about. Getting onto the journals was the big deal, but personally I think that just kind of evens out how bad my grades were second semester. I don't have some high paying job lined up for next summer. I don't have good enough grades to be confident of getting interviews during OCI. I don't have a lot of things that I think would make my life happier and easier (like a loving boyfriend). But what I have at last is a good attitude. I'm working on my writing sample and editing and re-editing my resume. I'm contacting everyone I know about job opportunities. I'm taking steps to position myself as well as I can. So, I guess I will keep doing what I'm doing and not worry about other people. Why can't people just be normal though? |
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