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Monday, August 25, 2003

OCI, here I come... I have three interviews so far. Two I got through bidding and one I was actually preselected for. That makes me feel loved. Or at least a little more worthy. Personally, I'm fine with getting an interview through bid points, but it's more gratifying to have them pick me. It happens that the firm that preselected me is in Cleveland, which is not my first choice, but still awesome. I would definitely go to Cleveland, especially to work for this particular firm, so it's all good. I'm glad things are starting out this way because it gives me hope. I wonder what made them pick me. This is a big firm and it's in Ohio, so I'm sure lots of people submitted resumes. I want to know what set me apart, since I know it wasn't my grades. This was not a firm that required references or a writing sample, so they didn't have anything extra to judge me on. I guess my fabulous-ness showed through. Hopefully there will be more good news, but right now I'm perfectly content.

On another topic, I got my placement for the clinic today. At last. I will be working somewhere that should be interesting and that shouldn't force me to hide my personal beliefs too much. Tomorrow I go meet with someone in the office to try to work out my schedule there and get generally oriented. I'm looking forward to it. I think. Except now I won't have every afternoon free.

For appellate advocacy we got our adjunct assignments and found out which side of the case we are on. Or at least most people who looked at the assignment board found out which side they're on. Apparently I learned nothing during the first year, because I looked at the list and merely discovered that I will be representing the respondent. Too bad I don't know who the respondent is in the case. And I can't exactly ask the professor and prove I'm an idiot before I even turn in the first assignment. |
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