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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Two days until classes start. I am so excited to find out who's in my classes and what my professors are like. I have this terrible character trait where I only learn from professors who I like and respect. I don't have to think they're a great person or want to hang out with them, but I have to think that they care about teaching and that they really know their subject. This is not a good quality in a law student, or any student for that matter. I remember 10th grade humanities...I hated the history teacher and it showed on my tests. Since then I have never done well with a professor I didn't like. And it drives me crazy when we are all talking about a professor after class and how he should not be allowed to teach he is so bad and my friends say, "But he seems like such a nice person..." I'm so happy for his family, but not for his students. Anyway, I am optimistic about all of my professors, so I shouldn't get myself all worked up. I have two of the new professors, one who I had before and will therefore be careful what I say (!), and appellate advocacy. I totally don't get how appellate advocacy even works. I have this sensation that no one else does either and they are just pretending that they do.

My journal work is about 95% done. As it has been since Thursday. I looked up all the books and law review articles that are located at the law library and found lots of errors, so I'm glad I took the time to do that. The only thing left is to look up the books that are not located at the law library. Since we don't have to go very far on this assigment, I doubt I will actually go to other libraries to look at them, but I'll see what I can check online. Every time I think about it (or talk to other friends), I continue to be very happy with my choice to join the Crim Jo (that's what they call it; I'm cool now). I found out that 3 other people turned down Law Journal for Crim Jo, which I think is very cool. In addition, I know other people who turned down JDR, but I don't know how many. We are not the journal of last resort as popular opinion would lead people to believe.

Report on the 1L boys: Should that read "guys" or "men"? Probably not. Definitely some potential, but nothing too exciting. I was able to track down the previously mentioned 1L who did in fact remember me. He also lives in the building directly across from mine. Is this a sign? He also was sitting outside with another very cute 1L. I feel this is going to be a good year...

I'm back in law school social mentality already. Tonight there's a party that I'm not going to go to because my friend isn't going and I don't think the people holding it really like me. I was invited, but I think it was just to be polite. Not that law school people are all that polite. I'm sure I'm being an idiot, but that doesn't give me any more confidence. Maybe by tonight I'll change my mind. I'm actually about to go into school to pick up some stuff, so maybe I'll run into the party hosts in the hall and I'll try to sense if I'm really invited or fake invited. I am such an idiot, I know. |
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