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Thursday, September 18, 2003

I have now gotten 2 more callbacks! Yay! The weird part is that both of them notified me by letter. I think that is slightly evil since seeing that thin little envelope makes me think it's another rejection. One of the callbacks is with interview #7 firm and the other is with interview #16 firm. I really felt good after interview #7, so that letter made me feel good that for once I judged an interview correctly. By the time I had interview #16 I was in such a bad mood that I couldn't judge it very well at all. I'm excited about both.

As for other matters...

No more progress with my crush, although we continue to flirt, and I continue to love my internship because of him.

I need to seriously spend some time this weekend on my app ad brief. I am on the right track according to my adjunct, but I have a long way to go. I need to force myself to be productive, because I have plans Sunday evening. Also, work boy is a bartender and I want to go to his bar Friday or Saturday night. I wonder if that is too obvious, or appropriately interested.

I love my internship, not just because of the romantic possibilities, but because it is awesome. It is the sort of environment I always imagined myself in. I am not ready, nor do I know that I ever will be, to commit to that kind of work, but I love it. The excitement, the games, the intensity, all of it. It's what I was meant for. |
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