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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I just got callback number five! So exciting! This was interview #21 (a Columbus firm), which went really well, and I actually fully expected a callback. I haven't been that confident with many interviews, so I'm glad for once I was right. So, right now I have 5 callbacks, 10 rejections, and 6 firms that I haven't heard from. I'm fine with those numbers. Great with them actually. I'm so glad the process has slowed down. I can finally breathe.

I think tomorrow I will keep my mouth shut about exam software. If I can control myself. The fact that I may still have app ad to do after the meeting will motivate me not to contribute to its length. I'm already bitter that we have to have a meeting two weeks in a row.

Since everyone else gives advice, one piece of advice I would offer to 1Ls is not to get involved in any organizations that have mandatory meetings. I would also recommend not taking on any leadership roles within organizations. I suppose if someone has no work experience at all, it might be smart to get involved in something, but I would still try to avoid anything that demands too much commitment. I am totally serious about this. First year all you have to do is read and show up for class, so you think it will be fine. Second year, class is practically an afterthought because of all the dumb things you committed to without knowing better. DON'T JOIN ANYTHING! |
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