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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

I just tried to fight the good fight against exam software. Apparently it is a novel idea that an honor code implies honor. And just wait until those LINUX people get started on the fact that all the available software programs only run on Windows. They don't even run on the Windows simulators. And then there's the honor argument again! And these 1Ls who just keep complaining about having to handwrite exams make me crazy. First of all, handwriting won't kill you. Second of all, even without the exam software issue, there will always be professors who have their own little weird exam issues. Third, don't you know what an honor code is? Don't you know what honor is? Don't you have any honor? Okay, let me calm down. For now.

I got a callback to a Columbus firm! Actually, today I had my lunch with the partner, and then about 4 hours later got a callback from that firm. Coincidence? Who knows...but whatever the reason I'm happy. At least now I have an outside shot at staying in Columbus. And now there are only 9 firms that I haven't heard from. |
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