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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I'm sooooo tired! Last night I had my adjunct meeting and then went out for a few drinks afterwards. It wasn't too overboard or anything, but I didn't sleep as well as I would have minus the alcohol. Then today I didn't go home from work until 8:45pm. But that's a good thing! It feels exciting to be working late getting ready for big political events. We also made a brief appearance at a fundraiser this evening. I love that. Tomorrow I'm not going to class at all because of this big event that we were getting ready for. I don't think I'll really miss too much.

One more rejection letter, unfortunately from a firm that I thought the interview went really well. No big deal I guess. There are still so many I haven't heard anything from, and I haven't heard that other people have gotten callbacks from them either. However, I have heard from most of the Columbus firms, and that's not a good thing.

I got my first callback at 7:15am today! This was the firm from interview #10 which is based in a city that I don't want to go to. Now I'm really glad that I was upfront about where I'm willing to work, so I don't have to worry about that too much later.

Interview Update:

Interview #15: Another big New York firm. The interview seemed to go fine, but I'm not holding my breath.

Interview #16: The interview was fine, but I left feeling dejected.

The first week the interviews really felt good and yet they weren't interested. Now the interviews aren't feeling as positive, so that doesn't make me optimistic about my prospects. Part of it is hearing people talking non-stop about their callbacks (which as I mentioned, I now have one, but I didn't know that yesterday when I had these two interviews). One of the firms put huge brown envelopes in people's mailboxes who they were calling back and regular white envelopes in the mailboxes of the people they were rejecting. I thought that was very inappropriate.

Interview #17: My interview this morning was excellent. Actually, it was slightly strange. We talked very comfortably but I never got to ask any questions. I don't think that mattered at all. I had actually emailed the interviewer in early August, so he kind of knew who I was. This is also the firm where the partner works who I keep trying to meet for lunch. We're having lunch next Wednesday which seemed to kind of impress the interviewer. He ended it by saying he really looked forward to seeing me again and that I should hear from him in a day or so. I hope they call me back!

Plus all this working late means more time with the boy I adore! |
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