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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Interview #11: A little positive feedback goes a long way! I was grinning for like 15 minutes after this interview. I was terribly nervous going into my first really big deal firm interview, but it went remarkably well. The interviewer started by asking what I wanted to do with my life and basically forced me to carry the conversation, which I think I did just find without becoming obnoxious. We laughed and was very comfortable. He totally backed up all of the press saying that for a big firm, they are the place to work. Then when I was leaving he told me what a long shot it was for them to hire anyone from Ohio State, especially since they're severely cutting back their summer program, but that he wanted me. He said he would do what he could to convince them to give me a callback interview. He also said that I should feel free to email him with questions about any other firms if they couldn't offer me a job. His exact words as I left were, "I really like you." What more could I ask for? A job, but hey, I won't get too greedy.

Up for tomorrow: A big deal Chicago firm. Now I'm feeling ready for it. I also just got preselected for another big New York firm. I am invincible! |
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