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Friday, September 12, 2003

Interview #12: I wanted to just thank the man and leave. Unlike the fabulous New York firm that will never choose me, I don't even want this firm to call me back. The interview went basically fine, but if I felt that way, I'm sure it came through.

Interview #13: Good interview, but they saw so many people that it felt like a waste of time. They guys seemed pretty nice. They are going to get back to us almost immediately. Next Wednesday they're having a reception for everyone they call back. That's soon.

Interview #14: Another two nice guys, but nothing thrilling. Not that I would turn down a callback.

I got my first rejection letter today, and another one is in the mail, as I know people who have gotten calls. There is no firm I have my heart set on, so no individual letter will upset me too much. I just hope I get at least one or two callbacks out of this whole process. Today I'm feeling a little jaded about it, but not dejected or anything.

And part of why I'm just fine about the interview process, in spite of rejection, is that I have such a crush that it is making everything seem good. I feel like I'm in high school... :) |
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