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Friday, September 19, 2003

Interview #18: Another great interview. Really. I will be surprised if I don't get a callback for this one, but I've been wrong before. The interviewer seemed really nice and happy, which is the number one thing I'm looking for in a 20 minute interview.

Interview #19: I wasn't 100% confident going into this interview because it was another firm that was interviewing like 40 people, but it seemed to go really, really well. The guy seemed to really like me, and once again I was pleased to meet someone who seemed like the kind of person I would like to work with.

Considering how good these two interviews went, maybe I should have gone to all my interviews hung over...

As of today, I have attended 19 interviews, received 7 rejections, and received 3 callbacks. It all makes my brain hurt, but in a good way I guess.

I seriously need something in my life to think about other than interviews and school. |
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