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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Interview #20: This was a decent interview, but since it was a Pittsburgh firm I'm not optimistic. It's not like Pittsburgh is much further than Cleveland, but it is somehow way harder to sound believable about wanting to go there. Who knows.

Thursday will be my very last first round interview! I'm tired. I like interviews, but my face hurts from smiling too much, and my leather binder has permanent fingerprints on it, and I'm just ready for this to be over...so I can start actually looking for a job.

Right now I should be reading BA or Admin law, because I am way behind. I was fine until this weekend when I couldn't get my books. But I'm not going to get started on that again. And now I have a terrible headache and I'm sucked into watching reality tv.

Tomorrow is my lunch with the partner, at last. Hopefully I won't get cancelled on again. I'm a little nervous. This could be my chance to actually impress someone. |
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