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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Interview #4 down...a million more to go. It was a weird interview. It was only 20 minutes, and there were two interviewers. It was fine, but just so short. Then this evening they had a reception for us which was very nice. Unfortunately none of the attorneys in one of the areas I'm really interested in were there. Still, it was nice. It just makes for a long day. My interview was at 9:20 this morning and I got home at 9:15pm.

Up for tomorrow: In the morning an interview with a pretty good firm that I bid on. I wonder if that turns them against you. I won't worry about it. In the afternoon, another interview with a mid-sized firm that I had never heard of until OCI started. 4:00 on Friday afternoon has got to be the worst time to interview. We'll see how that goes. It turns out it's a firm where I kind of have connections, so we'll see.

By the way, my lunch with the partner got cancelled. Again. Soon I'll start taking this personally.

On a good note, I have such a crush on a guy I work with. Who knows if that will ever lead anywhere, but it makes my time there way more entertaining. |
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