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Friday, September 05, 2003

Interview #5: This one was probably my favorite so far. I just got a good feeling from the interviewer for some reason. It sounded like the kind of place where I would be challenged in a good way. And not because of cheesy things the interviewer said, just because of the sense I got. They lowered their billable hours requirement by 75 hours this past year (according to the NALP form). I wonder what, if anything, that means. One funny thing was that the interviewer had clearly not looked at my resume or cover letter, because part way through I started saying stuff from my resume and cover letter and he was highly interested and it was obviously new information to him. If interviews are anything like exams, the fact that this one felt good means they will send me a nasty letter berating me for wasting their time. It will certainly be interesting to see where this all leads.

Interview #6: This was the most unusual interview so far. Although the firm isn't that small (40 attorneys), they don't have a highly structured summer program and the interview was the least structured as well. The theory of the recruiter was that if I'm going to end up as a litigator I should be able to talk comfortably without much guidance or prodding. The funniest question yet came from this interviewer when he asked me how I would feel about going to "the dark side," because I come from a pretty liberal background including a stepmother who is a plaintiff's lawyer (and the interviewer knew her). I assured him that I was just fine with it.

I went to try to work on my brief for app ad this evening. I stared at my computer for a while without writing a single word. Then I put my computer away and read Glamour. Very productive night. Tomorrow morning I'll try again. |
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