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Monday, September 08, 2003

Interview #7: This was an excellent interview. Based upon the admittedly biased representations of the interviewer, I think I would really like to work there. I'm hopeful.

Interview #8: This one went pretty well too. This was my first interview with a pretty prestigious firm from another city. This was also my first interview where I was asked about my grades with that tone of voice that makes you feel like the most worthless person ever to live. I think I dealt with it fine though.

Interview #9: Now this was an odd one. Not bad, just strange. Apparently at this firm there is no concrete structure. The interviewer told me that people can work basically as much or as little as they want, they just get paid based on how much they work, and people can make partner at any given time. The interviewer was nice though, and she sounded very content.

Interview #10: This was the interview I was nervous about because the firm is based in a city that I don't want to be in. However, the interviewer pretty much relieved my fears about that...and almost convinced me that it wouldn't be so bad in the smaller city.

Up for tomorrow: Interview with a NEW YORK CITY FIRM! They will never hire me so I'm pretty relaxed about it. It will be good practice for my Chicago interview later. These interviews for jobs I will never get almost make me laugh. I still can't figure out what would possibly make these firms preselect me. My best guess is that other people were too insecure to even submit their resume, so I was the best they could do. Whatever it is, I have no complaints. |
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