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Sunday, September 21, 2003

More drinks last night with my favorite gay friend. A few pitchers of margaritas and everything in life seems much better. Now if he was just straight and taller...

I'm in a really good mood today for some reason. Totally out of character. First, I was so drunk by the time I got home last night that I went straight to sleep at like 10:30, so I actually got a good night's sleep. Then I woke up and got to watch some 90210 and Ally McBeal - what more could a girl want? Soon I will go work on my brief, which I'm oddly looking forward to doing. And this evening I'm going to a party that one of my favorite professors is throwing. Should be fun.

The only thing that is making me slightly cranky (because there always has to be something) is that I really need to go into school for a little while today, but I don't think I will because the campus will be overrun with undergrads moving in. Yesterday I attempted to go to school in the middle of the game, figuring that campus would be really quiet. It was quiet, but I couldn't park anywhere because all the garages and lots were full of course and the parking meters were all bagged. It was the parking meters that made me mad. First of all, if people parked at the meters during the game and therefore overstayed the allotted time, it would be a way for the university or city to make money. Then they could tow, and make even more money. Secondly, and far more importantly, this is a university, and I, apparently wrongly, feel that as a student I should be able to park and utilize the university whenever I want. I was so aggravated yesterday that I wanted to go around vandalizing things by scratching out all the "U"s I could find on "OSU" merchandise to indicate that this is no university. Even my imaginary way of showing outrage is so nerdy and law student-ish. I just get so mad sometimes. This is one of the reasons I refused to apply to OSU for undergrad. But here I am, the law school is great, so I should stop complaining. But I will continue to secretly hope each week that Ohio State will lose. |
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