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Saturday, September 13, 2003

Two more rejection letters today. One was the one I knew was coming and the other was from the New York firm. The New York letter had a personal note on it from the interviewer saying he was sincerely sorry they couldn't invite me back and to be in touch if he could be helpful in any way. I wonder what that means. Judging from the fact that the letter is dated the day after my interview, they couldn't have spent much time mulling over whether to invite me back... Looking back I think he completely knew when he interviewed me that I wouldn't be invited back regardless of how the interview went. I really appreciate his encouragement though. Also, he taught me something valuable - he frequently used the word "friend" when he referred to people he worked with, and he seemed genuinely happy, so now I pay attention for that sort of thing. For example, I don't think the Chicago guy knew the word "friend."

Just one callback...just one callback...just one callback.... This is why I got out of theatre! |
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