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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Why is interviewing exhausting? Am I just a wuss? I had three interviews today, and they all went fairly well, but now I just want to sleep for a week.

Interview #1: This was with a Cleveland firm and it felt really good. I liked the woman interviewing and my gut feeling was that it would be a very pleasant, laid back place to work. Who knows really. She seemed to like me, but they probably seem to like everyone.

Interview #2: Columbus branch of a large firm. It seemed like a very good interview, but the interviewer was fairly formal, so it was hard to read him. I think I would definitely like to work there. At least for the summer.

Interview #3: Cleveland branch of the same large firm as #2. Okay, but the interview only lasted 18 minutes. There were 20 allotted. The other two interviews took the full 30 minutes allowed and we had to stop abruptly since it was time for the next person. I'm not sure how it went, but I would like to work for any firm that has lots of Indians tickets...

Happy Hour: Interview #3 Firm had a happy hour, and I'm very glad I went. Although they said it wasn't mandatory, and I believe them, it gave me a much better feel for them and I think allowed them to get to know me better. I think anyone who didn't go would be at a disadvantage. I have no idea if this affects interviews, but I'm still glad I decided to go.

Up for tomorrow: One more interview in the morning, lunch with a partner from another firm, and then some evening event with the firm interviewing in the morning. And then Friday it starts all over again...

One funny thing about my interviews is that every single one has started with me being asked why I chose to be on the crim law journal. Only such a radical choice could make the question about why I was a theatre major get pushed to second. |
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