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Thursday, October 02, 2003

In the battle between law and life, law is definitely winning lately. My time is filled with law school related stuff, and not much else. This is a weird situation to find myself in after last year. I think I did work like two evenings all of last year. I went Christmas shopping the night before my crim law exam. It wasn't that school was any easier last year; I just had other stuff to keep me busy. I'm glad that my personal life is simpler now, but I wish that it wasn't just due a complete lack of a personal life. It was hard to come back to school this year. Over the summer I went out almost every single night, which is not really in character for me, but was a wonderful diversion. Coming home, it was like I walked into a life of silence. No one to pick me up at the airport, no one to go out with every night, no one to talk to about all the decisions I'm making right now, just silence. I don't mean to sound too self pitying because I do have friends and I do go out. Some days it's just hard though. I'm not used to being alone. And I can't do anything yet about the fabulous guy at work since he's my boss. And I don't even know if he likes me... I sound 13.

Anyway. I am so glad there is only one more day before fall break. Two more classes, one more afternoon of work - then no school for 9 days! I need a break. It won't be that relaxing since I have interviews and I'll be working, but at least I'll have a break from class. And maybe I'll get in some more margaritas with my special gay friend. Now that would make a good break. |
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