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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Right now I am highly disappointed in the quality of television. Sure, everyone has been saying this for years, but for me it just really hit me tonight. Maybe I need to start watching higher quality shows in the first place.

The O.C.:
This sure isn't going to be the next 90210. The blonde kid is cute, and I like Peter Gallagher, but it is already getting a little ridiculous. It's not even the next Dawson's Creek. This could be my favorite new show, if only a lot of things were different.

Law and Order:
Okay, I get their "ripped from the headlines" theme, but come on. I hope they aren't paying the writers too much to be entirely uncreative. Tonight it's about a fire at a nightclub where the band used flames. I don't want science fiction or anything bizarre, but a little creativity would be nice.

Friends is supposed to be the safe standby. It's been relatively good so far this season, but it has this feeling like there are too many writers and they aren't reading what the others write. Like the Joey and Rachel thing - first they are all over each other, then they are uncomfortable together, then it is as if that entire plot line never occurred. And apparently tomorrow Phoebe and Mike are going to get engaged, following the strong plot development of: he doesn't ever want to get married again, she almost gets engaged to the guy who went to Minsk, Mike shows up, and two shows later they are arguing about who loves each other more. I liked Paul Rudd in Clueless, but seriously, give me a little plot development.

So I guess I better hurry up and get a boyfriend, so I can stop watching so much tv. Only 5 1/2 more weeks. Until I can find out if he likes me. GRRRRRR...I'm waiting for something that isn't even a sure thing!

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