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Monday, November 03, 2003

Four more weeks. That's how long I have to understand everything. I'm feeling a little panicky, but not too much. App ad is done except for the final argument, so I don't have to worry about that at least. I feel pretty good about everything. All I want is for it to be the end of the semester so I can sleep.

Plus, in four weeks I can find out if after all this time he actually likes me or not. I just want to know. Actually, I want a lot more than that. I just want to find out if we could get as long as well as I imagine. That's the problem with waiting so long is that the line starts to blur between what is real and what is fantasy. Based upon my interactions with him so far, we seem to have lots of things in common that are important to me, but it is a big leap to seeing if that translates into us actually being compatible at all. And I think he is very cute (wanting to throw him down on the desk cute), but he may not find me attractive at all. There are so many things to figure out that can't even be expressed yet.

How can I care about law school when I'm busy fantasizing?? |
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