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Saturday, November 01, 2003

Halloween! I recognize that it is November 1st, and most people are done with Halloween, but this is Ohio, where we celebrate Halloween when it's convenient. Trick-or-treating was Thursday for Columbus, although it was various days throughout the week in the suburbs. At my college we celebrated over the entire weekend that was closest to Halloween. I see absolutely no problem with this arrangement, as long as I know when and where to show up to party.

I am really looking forward to the halloween party tonight. I don't go to mass law school gatherings that often, but generally have fun when I do. Plus, the mix of other professional students increases the possibility that there will be interesting people there. And there is a slim chance that he will show up. I mentioned it to him casually, so although I certainly don't expect him to come, somehow I won't be shocked if he does. And if he does, I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens. It's halloween. All bets are off.

Hopefully things won't get too out of control, since tomorrow I have to finish my brief for app ad. It should be a fun day. |
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