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Sunday, November 02, 2003

I am freaking out at the moment. No outside observer would know it, since I'm quietly sitting at my desk, with no tv, no music, no one else around. If someone was looking at me through the window I would just look hard at work. But actually, I am freaking out.

At this very moment, the second of five copies of my brief is printing. Normally this would be a good thing, but it scares me. Once I conclude that it's finished, there is no chance of it getting better. I worked on it all afternoon, and ultimately, it just ended up 3 pages shorter! I can't help but believe longer is better. This is about impressing the adjunct with my stellar legal reasoning skills. However, if my skills should happen to be less stellar than I might like, it seems like the more I write, the better chance that something I write will happen to sound smart. Objectively, I have written what I feel is necessary to argue my side. There are no points that I haven't made out of laziness or lack of research. So, I should feel confident. But I still wish it was longer. Lots longer. |
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