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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I feel like I am at a pivotal point - in what, I'm not entirely sure. Is it law school? Just the semester? Life? I just don't know. What I do know is that I feel like I could suddenly snap in some way...or I could just focus and everything would be fine. I'm not going to snap in any dangerous way, but I feel like somehow I'm living on the edge. I am so tired that I could physically collapse soon. I am so abnormally unmotivated that I could totally flunk my classes. I am so impatient to do something that matters that I could (maybe) drop out of law school if I thought I found a good reason. I just feel like I am letting so much slide that it will soon overwhelm me beyond recovery. Maybe I just need a good schedule to follow or something like that. Really I'm sure that everything will be fine, but my mind is racing with worries lately.

Maybe I just need someone to take my mind off things. And I do have someone in mind. We had a conversation today about relationships. It was interesting and only reconfirmed that we have a lot in common. He seems wounded. It's cute. And really just what I want, because I need someone who at least kind of understands how I feel, and won't let the relationship get too serious too fast. The relationship...I need to slow down. And focus on school. |
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