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Friday, November 28, 2003

I had a nice Thanksgiving, much like most Thanksgivings. Every year we celebrate Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house, which is about a half mile north of campus - very convenient. I swear my familiy is the loudest family ever. It doesn't matter if there are only 17 people like this year (which is definitely on the small side) or closer to 30. Everyone operates on the theory that if they just talk (yell) louder than everyone else, someone will listen. All topics involve politics on some level, no matter what the more basic topic is. This year there was an extended discussion of movies. It was really about politics. Fortunately, everyone who is there usually agrees politically, but no one listens well enough to realize it, so there is still lots of arguing.

It was my first holiday alone in a long time. Mostly I manage not to think about it, or feel too self pitying, but sometimes it hits me. Most of my Thanksgivings for many years now have involved cooking elaborate dinners for boyfriends or bringing them to eat with my family or having a special meal (flank steak!) together. I was pretty sad to spend my birthday alone, so this wasn't quite as bad. I'm dreading Christmas though. To me, Christmas is about being with the person you love and giving that person wonderful, special presents and watching them be happy. I'm just not really close to my family, so I can't help feeling alone.

But maybe I'll have a date with a certain person by then... It was an awesome day at work. With it being the day after Thanksgiving, we were somewhat less than productive, so it was a fun, social day. I hope he likes me!!! I don't want to be disappointed. I won't be heartbroken, since it's not like we've dated or anything, but I will be very discouraged. But hey, I'll have finals to distract me. |
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