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Thursday, November 06, 2003

I have decided that if this guy does not actually like me, then I need to give up entirely. Today alone there were so many instances where it seemed so clear that he was flirting in an interested in me kind of way. Every night I convince myself that I'm just imagining it, but every day he reconvinces me that he likes me. If I am wrong, I have no business dating at all. Three weeks from now I will finally be able to find out. Or really three weeks from now, plus however long it takes for him to officially evaluate me.

I'm so tired of law school. I'm so glad I only have one class tomorrow, and then I get to go to work. Then the weekend, then veterans day, then thanksgiving....the semester is sort of fading away gently. Hopefully law knowledge fades into my brain even more quickly in the next few weeks. |
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