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Monday, November 10, 2003

I think veterans day might be the best holiday ever invented. Mondays would be a lot better if we got every Tuesday off. What am I doing tomorrow? I have no idea. Probably studying for a few hours, maybe working on journal stuff, but doing all of it without pressure. And as for tonight? No partying, nothing thrilling...but almost as good, several episodes of Law and Order SVU, followed by 7th Heaven, and a new Cosmo and Glamour to read. I'm in heaven.

Speaking of Law and Order, among a half a dozen other, more academic ideas, I have decided I want to write a note for journal analyzing SVU. One of the bizarre, cool things about the crim law journal is that we can do notes like this. I need to process the idea a little more, but I like what is floating around in my head. I need to get up the nerve to speak with Dressler about the whole note thing in general. I have so many ideas and I want to get started. Researching and writing about this sort of stuff is what makes law exciting. If I was a hell of a lot smarter I would almost want to be an academic. |
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