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Friday, November 14, 2003

Things have taken a drastic turn for the worse with the guy. If I had just met him a week ago I would absolutely not think he likes me. His entire demeanor towards me has changed entirely. He is still friendly and jokes with me, but there is a distinctly different tone to it. He has said a couple of highly critical things to me relating to what he considers my lack of diplomacy/professionalism - over what were objectively non-issues. Other than that he has basically not made eye contact with me in a week. Normally we are always catching each other's eye when someone else is talking. We also haven't hardly talked directly to each other in a week, even though we normally have all sorts of one-on-one conversations. I have no idea what's going on and I'm very upset.

I have two theories: (1) he decided he doesn't like me - either he did like me before and something changed, or he never did but he realized that he was acting like it and that I liked him and he doesn't want to give the wrong impression; or (2) he is having a professionalism crisis - maybe someone said something to him about me and he got paranoid, or something like that. Theory 3 is that his odd behavior is unrelated to me. Maybe there is other stress in his life causing him to act weird. Still, I think it's about me, and I don't like it one bit. If it keeps up, I might even ask him about it. Unless it gets really bad, I will still try to find out if he's interested when the semester ends - I will just be more prepared for bad news.

Tomorrow I've got to study and stop thinking about him. I need to be counting down until finals, not counting down until he's not my supervisor. I'm so bad at focusing. I've always thought that the concerns about the stress law school puts on a relationship are silly. It's so much better to have someone to talk to and count on and not have to worry about dating. There will always be stress in life, whether it's law school or something else, and being in a relationship can be what makes the stress manageable. |
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