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Sunday, November 09, 2003

We just tried to have a stakeout. It was completely unsuccessful. Basically, he wasn't there, so there was no staking out to do. I need the waiting to be over. Like a typical girl, I am thinking too much. Having all this time to ponder is definitely a bad thing. This weekend I have managed to convince myself that he doesn't like me at all, even in a friendly way. I know that is illogical, but this is not about logic. I have also gotten myself all freaked out about potentially being hurt someday, almost to the point of not wanting anything to happen at all. On top of my hyper-analysis, it turns out I can't count, and I still have four weeks left. It seems like every time I count, it gets longer! I think I got myself confused because Thanksgiving is in there, and I will only get to see him once that week. I have no excuse for not being able to count really. I need to just relax, I know. Some days, or hours, I manage to, but then there are these long periods of time where I just think. And think. And that is bad.

As for school, I am not doing a very good job of focusing on law like I intended. I got a fair amount of reading done yesterday and today, but absolutely no outlining. And I have a journal assignment due tomorrow which has been basically done for a week, and I still haven't written up my memo. And I haven't faxed my transcript request to my undergrad school so I can actually turn in my candidate application for the bar. And I haven't written my journal that is due tomorrow. And I haven't done so many other things. So I sit on my couch typing this, instead of getting anything done, because I am too overwhelmed to do anything else. Tomorrow I have like a 6 hour block of free time that I can put to use, and then there's veteran's day. I guess it won't be a completely useless holiday after all. |
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