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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I am about to lose my mind. Last year studying wasn't so bad because the topics were interesting. This year the situation is a little bit different. I actually like admin law to an extent, but my head is spinning from studying it for too long. Which probably isn't nearly long enough. I get the impression that most people come to law school and are shocked by how much more they have to study than in undergrad, but they actually do study more. I study more than I used to (which was never), but I don't think I have been sufficiently scared or something, because mostly I just watch bad tv when I should be studying.

I am just in denial at the moment about BA. That exam is only 24 hours after admin law (less taking into account the time to take the admin exam), so I can't quite figure out how to allot my time. I have spent most of the last week focusing on BA, but it just seems futile. I will never get it, plus other people completely grasp it. The combination is not good. Here it is two days until the exam, and I don't know the basic vocabulary. What does pro rata mean anyway? Time to find out I guess. |
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