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Sunday, December 14, 2003

I have mostly recovered from exams I think. At least I've managed to put them behind me - and without the aid of alcohol, or any other vices. I have to finish an acc check by tomorrow, and then I will have no more official law related responsibilities for a few weeks. However, I am unofficially supposed to get started on my independent study research over break, but that should be fun. I also should finish up the work I have from the professor I work for. Still, no stress really. Yesterday I finally finished reading Actual Innocence, which I had started reading several weeks ago. It helped remind me why I love law school (and the law in general).

Now all I have to worry about is The Plan. Hopefully tomorrow will be the day. I am so impatient to just find out either way. I think everyone who knows me is impatient too. |
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