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Thursday, January 08, 2004

David cancelled on me. It sounded like a reasonably good excuse, and he did call early, but still. In a way I'm actually grateful because I have been dangerously tired and I was able to come home and sleep for 2 1/2 hours before Friends, and I will now be going to bed extremely early as well. It's so nice not to care. I was looking forward to going out with David, but I am not invested at all yet, so it's no big deal. Of course I am still hoping to hear from him soon.

If only the liberal propanganda coming from Moritz bloggers was representative. (And I'm pretty sure Mike does not join us anyway.) Sure, the professors are fairly liberal, like you always hear about, but even that is far from universal. But the students... I think I feel comfortable talking about politics less at law school than in any other environment I have ever encounteed. And that is because, for the most part, the "liberals" consist of people who think that the Democrats are liberal, and everyone else sits somewhere to the right of them. Sure, in employment law today, the majority (but I don't think everyone) seemed to oppose child labor. But that's about the most liberal it tends to get. Last semester in BA (with our wonderful professor who endeared himself to Ohio Senate leadership through his testimony), most people were quickly convinced that minority voices on boards only hurt profitability and are therefore bad. And get someone started talking about sexual predators or terrorism, and suddenly you see where they really stand. Is the idea of people having rights really so novel? And how in the world is efficiency a justification for anything involving individual rights? Where are all the liberals??? |
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