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Friday, January 23, 2004

Happy Weekend! Actually, not so much. I wanted to go to the talent show tonight, but I am not feeling enough motivation to venture back out into the snow. Especially since I was considering walking, since I only live like 5 blocks away. Unless I get a call in the next half hour from one of my friends who is going, I will take it as a sign to stay home. After last night, I probably should stay home anyway. The journal happy hour was a success, but that means I could use some rest.

I just had a great interview. I felt kind of weird even being there though. This is because I already have a job. I like my current job, and I have no real desire to leave, but this is way more money and it's civil. I would really like to be able to try out civil before I commit to a life of crime. If I happen to get an offer, I think I will go to my current boss and be completely honest and ask if I can leave for the summer and come back in the fall.

I also just got the last of my grades. I was waiting to say anything until I had them all. My analysis is that choosing your classes has a positive impact on grades. I have done at least reasonably well in every class that I have liked, and correspondingly poorly in the ones that I have hated. So the moral is, don't take a class because you think you should. And don't lose hope during the first year when you have no choice. Take the classes that look interesting with the professors you like or hear are good and will mesh with your learning style. And of course, the best advice of all, don't worry about grades and don't let them define you. Law school is about learning and about getting a degree, don't make it more than it is. |
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