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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Has anyone heard of privacy? Today in employment law (and last week too) we were discussing drug testing. Apparently the majority of the class thinks that random drug testing of employees in general, or mandatory drug testing of teachers or professional athletes in particular are good ideas, good public policy. I don't buy any of the arguments, but I can at least see that there is a rational government interest in testing teachers (that whole safety of the children idea). But fundamentally, shouldn't people have control over their own bodies? Shouldn't the government and private industry be prohibited from intruding on people's lives in such a substantial way absent some real danger? I'm a bit of a privacy freak, but I was a little surprised that the entire class today seemed to be in favor of statutory endorsement of invasions of privacy. For anyone interested/obsessed with privacy issues, check out the Electronic Privacy Informatic Center, the Health Privacy Project, or Ohio State's own Privacy Hero.

In other matters... Are there any interesting guys out there? I need a new crush. If I can't have Brandon - although I haven't given up entirely - I need someone to amuse me. I'm kind of averse to actually dating, but I want someone to be infatuated with at least. And there are no prospects. There's no one at work. There's no one at school. There's just no one. Lately, no one is interesting or cute or funny or intriguing in any way. What fun is that? |
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