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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I got an email from Brandon today! He didn't write that he realized how perfect I am for him, or anything equally thrilling, but I was still happy to hear from him. It was quite a long email too. So, I will stick with my plan of emailing him occasionally, but not too often.

I had a pretty interesting conversation with Steve tonight as well. He just broke up with his girlfriend, who I had no idea he even had - which is never good. The way he broke up with her was about the worst break up story I have ever heard. He seems to have some interesting views on relationships and women. And interesting is not a good thing. But he's still fun to flirt with. I was telling him about the law school prom (which I didn't go to last year, and don't intend to go to this year), and he informed me that if there is an open bar, he's my date. That might just convince me to go. But probably not.

Finally I had to come home, because 4 hours of reading about sexual predators is about all I can take. |
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