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Monday, January 26, 2004

I just got a callback (via email) for the job I interviewed for last Friday. It seems like a good sign that I heard from them already. They told me they would be interviewing other people and I would hear from them in 7-10 days about a callback. That was Friday at 4:30pm, and I've already heard from them. I'm excited because this firm feels like the kind of place I could belong and be happy. The whole situation is just making me a little anxious since I'm already employed. Like I said before, it would be an ideal situation if I could keep my job for the rest of the school year, go work at this firm for the summer, and then go back to my current job next fall. But that's a big if. And even if it is a semi-reasonable request, it could be an uncomfortable conversation with my boss. Plus I'm bored to death at my current job (since I don't have my intern certificate yet), so decent money could be really tempting if I were forced to make a choice. Regardless of the somewhat complicated situation, I'm excited for my callback.

I am not so excited about my progress on my independent study paper. I managed to write another page and a half today. In addition to the one page I already had. That's not much towards an ultimate goal of 40 pages. I have lots to say, but it's almost overwhelming. I was told (and had pretty much figured out) that most journal notes follow the format of (1) present the issue, (2) tell what the problem is, (3) offer a solution/opinion. I am pretty solid on the background/analysis portion, and I know what I want my conclusion to be, but I feel like I still don't know quite enough to put it down on paper. Can anyone suggest a really simple book that explains criminal procedure, in particular indictment and sentencing?

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