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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I am in a somewhat cranky mood at the moment. Hopefully the alcohol I am consuming will counteract that. Here are some of my pet peeves at the moment.

1. People who are driving in front of you in a parking lot or parking garage or even on a street and randomly decide to just stop driving and get out of the car for some reason (to put mail in a mailbox, to look for change on the floor, to switch drivers - these all happened today).
2. When people preface their comments in class with, "Since my dad is a...," or "When I used to work at...," or "At the firm I worked at last summer..." Guess what? No one cares.
3. Women who in a vain attempt to be sanitary choose not to sit on the toilet, but instead to suspend themselves over it. And then they pee all over the seat making it truly unsanitary for the next person. Just sit down.
4. All of the ads in our mailboxes at school. I want to put up a "no soliciting" sign, but it wouldn't do any good and people would just make fun of me.
5. People who do not clean up after their dogs. Especially when they let them go to the bathroom in the middle of the sidewalk. Also people who let their dogs run around freely when they are nowhere nearby to control the beasts.
6. Asking if there is anything I can do to help at work and being told, "Check your email."
7. When people ask the professor to "Please repeat everything you just said."
8. Pop-up ads online.
9. The fact that because I have digital cable I cannot tape a different show than the one I am watching.
10. "Adults" (people at law school) who make fun of the way other people dress.

Okay, I'm actually feeling a little better since I was struggling at the end to think of 10 things. Also, I apologize for being somewhat vulgar in #3 and #5.

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