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Friday, February 27, 2004

I have some advice for current and future law students that will help you to be better liked. (Okay, this is mostly me ranting/venting, but I figured it was more appropriate if I called it advice)

Please do NOT complain if you make it to the final round for moot court. Guess what? There are a lot of other people who would gladly trade places with you. Plus, everyone knows you are just doing it to get attention. Similarly, do not complain about getting a 98. Also, no one cares if you just can't decide between New York and DC. Or New York and Chicago. Or anywhere else that most people do not have the option to choose between. So just be quiet.

I have been pretty disappointed over the last few days, but I still know how lucky I am. Every one of us who is in law school is extremely fortunate. Certainly, I know people who have had to deal with crushing personal tragedies during law school. And I know people who have suffered various academic and professional setbacks. But please, everyone, stop complaining about the burden of your good fortune.
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