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Friday, February 20, 2004

It has been an insane week. Last night I had my first round of oral arguments. The first argument went so poorly that I would have cried if there weren't other people around. I didn't do especially well and I felt like two of the judges (not the 3L) were just trying to be jerks. Not trying to challenge us, just being difficult to amuse themselves or something. I seriously wanted to leave after the first argument. Fortunately, the second argument went exceptionally well. It restored some of my confidence and enthusiasm, but not entirely.

So, I am looking forward to arguing again next week, especially since I get to argue the side that I actually agree with. It is pretty interesting to argue about the Pledge of Allegiance, considering I grew up in an atheist family and did not recite or stand for the Pledge. And now that I am a Christian, I have chosen to continue not to participate in the Pledge because of some of my personal religious beliefs. Not many people can ever really understand what it's like to be a child who doesn't participate in something like that. It is a big deal. But of course, I think it is guaranteed that the Court will uphold the Pledge, assuming it even reaches the actual question.

Work is still boring. And I have to work at 7am tomorrow. Saturday.

Oh...guess who called me this afternoon? David, from New Year's. What's up with that? Fortunately I had my phone turned off, so I didn't answer it. Since I deleted his number a while ago, I wouldn't have known who was calling and would have answered otherwise. This was his message, "Hi, it's David. Just calling to see what you're up to. Give me a call." As if it was perfectly normal for him to be calling me. Seven weeks later. And considering it was four in the afternoon, I don't think he was drunk. What the hell? |
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