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Sunday, February 22, 2004

It was wonderful to see my friend from high school last night. It felt like we had never been apart. We had a nice dinner and then went for coffee and ended up talking for hours. I really hope we start hanging out now that we have found each other again. She is one of those really good people who it is always nice to have in your life.

Last night I also went to a party at my parents' house. A friend of theirs was visiting from out of town, so they had lots of people over in her honor. It was nice to stop by and get to talk about law with their friends, and see my aunt and uncle. But I was just so exhausted that I could stay long, or even have a glass of wine.

I slept extremely late today because I was so tired. Working so early yesterday didn't help, but I just don't think I should be as tired as I have been lately. A couple year ago I was getting so tired that I would have to just stop talking in the middle of conversations sometimes and I couldn't even keep my eyes open to watch tv. Doctors did all kinds of tests, but basically ignored my complaints or told me it was stress. I was also getting really dizzy a lot and they did find that I had certain problems that were causing the dizziness, but they didn't think the two were related. However, recently I have been getting dizzy more often and it makes me wonder if it's connected. I guess I should go back to the doctor, but I just don't have the time. So, if you see me holding on to a table or the wall at school, keep an eye on me to make sure I don't fall over. |
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